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Dinner boxes

Dinner boxes for a complete one-person meal. Designed for meals on wheels, hospital and other food delivery operations. 

Dinner boxes


  • Polycarbonate Meal dishes for Menu boxes

    Polycarbonate Dishes for Meal boxes. Menu dishes made of polycarbonate, available with or without division. Soup and dessert / side dishes with silicon lids. Suitable for use in various EPP and plastic menu boxes of Menut, DinnerMax and ThermoFutureBox.

  • Take-Away Thermobox

    Durable super-light EPP stackable menu box. Suitable for disposable (take-away) menu trays up to 230 x 180 mm (l x w).
    Carries your meal in a safe way. Convenient grips and recesses in the box so you can easily lift the gastronorm trays out of the box.

  • Porcelain for food distribution systems

    Porcelain for dinner boxes and meals on wheels systems. Menu trays of hotel porcelain with and without divisions. Soup bowls and dessert / side dish bowls with silicone lids. Suitable for use in various EPP dinner boxes.

  • ThermoFutureBox maaltijd menubox

    ThermoFutureBox has developed a variety of meal menu boxes for transporting complete meals at home or inside in care institutions. The Menuboxes can be filled with either system porcelain from ThermoFutureBox, or with disposables. The ThermoFutureBox Menuboxes are available in the series Platter, Dinner +2, Dinner +3 and Dinnerbox. We'll gladly advise you on what is suitable for your meal distribution. Demo models are of course available by request.

  • Dinner box for 1 main course

    Meal boxes for 1 main course without side dishes in EPP.

  • Dinner boxes for main course with side dishes

    Meal boxes for 1 main course with side dishes in EPP and high-quality plastic.

  • Boxes for transport of multiple main courses

    Meal boxes for transport of multiple main courses with side dishes in EPP. Suitable for multiple disposable menu trays up to 230 x 180 x 30 mm (lxwxh).

  • Menut

    Menut Mealboxes Major and Duo. Handy plastic boxes with handle for easy carrying. Can be fitted with porcelain, polycarbonate and/or stainless steel dishes.

  • Rieber Meals on Wheels

    Meals on Wheels boxes from Rieber. Made of sturdy propylene, these are handy take-away boxes for one-person meals.

  • Menu Mobil Classic