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Thermobox EPP

Our expended polypropylene (EPP) thermo boxes are designed for the food professionals and various health and logistics sectors. EPP is a plastic foam material with exceptional thermal insulation. These thermo boxes are very environmentally friendly and enable any form of transport & storage in the cold and warm food chain!

Thermobox EPP


  • Thermobox 1/1 Gastronorm

    Gastronorm thermo boxes available in blue / gray and black / black. Carries your meal in a safe way. Convenient grips and recesses in the box so you can easily lift the gastronorm pans out of the box.


    *QUANTITY DISCOUNT*. Extra discount for larger amounts of thermoboxes gastronorm, all-round boxes, Rieber and ice boxes.

  • Thermobox 1/2 Gastronorm

    1/2 size gastronorm thermo boxes available in blue / gray and black / black. Carries your meal in a safe way. Convenient grips and recesses in the box so you can easily lift the gastronorm pans out of the box.

  • Allround 60/40 thermobox

    Bakery norm thermo boxes suitable for crates 60x40 in 4 internal heights available: 12, 16, 20 and 30 cm.
    Available in 2 colors: black 9 types (all heights) and gray with blue lid (in 2 heights, 20 and 30 cm).

  • Salto Thermoboxes

    SALTO thermo boxes are a reversible stacking system for insulation and transport. Use the box as a box or flip it over to use it as a lid. Ideal for transportation of presentation trays, bakeware, pizza or cakes.

  • Pizza boxes

    Pizza boxes for delivery of pizzas and hot meals. Suitable for transportation by car / scooter / e-bike

  • Frontloader Thermobox

    EPP front loader boxes are lightweight boxes for multiple gastronorm pans. 

  • Thermobox DeLuxe 1/1 GN

    Nicely designed gastronorm boxes with conical handles for comfortable wearing and lifting.

  • Thermobox Big Size

    Thermobox big size has metal handles. The Carry comes in gastronorm version but also extra large versions (Big size) of 65, 100 or even 102 liters.

  • Vegetable and fruit box

    Vegetable and fruit box. Ideal for transporting fresh products directly from the farm to your door. Suitable for stacking baskets and E2 boxes.

  • EPP thermobox with carrying handle

    EPP thermobox with carrying handle. The ideal box for bringing food and beverages to the beach, shopping or for the delivery of meals.

  • Shopping thermoboxes

    Shop thermoboxes for groceries, beach and other leisure purposes.

  • Special Thermoboxes

    Thermoboxes with divergent dimensions. 

  • Bakery & Pastry shop thermoboxes

    Collection of thermo boxes which are very suitable for bakery size (60x40) and pastry products.

  • Euronorm Logistics thermoboxes

    Special pallet thermo boxes. Suitable for stacking on EURO pallets

  • Wedding cake box

    Special extra large weddingcake box for big cakes. The Weddingcake boxes are made of EPP. This is no (fragile) Styrofoam, but high-quality expanded polypropylene: break-resistant, robust, durable, light in weight, hygienic and perfectly insulating from -40 tot +120 graden Celcius. Taste and odors are also not absorbed and the boxes can be easily cleaned. With a view to foodsafety is it definitely for on TV very representative when you're working with such a professional solution for the transportation of your culinary masterpieces.

  • Dollies / movers

    Dollies and movers suitable for 1/1/ GN thermoboxes

  • Accessories thermoboxes

    Accessories for your thermoboxes

  • ThermoKuli Boxes

    EPP Thermoboxes of ThermoKuli, the thermal cool boxes with professional insulationtechnology for the safe, attractive and fresh way of transporting meal components and groceries to your destination. The ThermoKuli is dishwasher proof and fully recyclable. The ThermoKuli Thermobox has also a thin plastic layer on the inside, which makes it easy to clean.

  • Foldable Box 'Flipbox'

    The ideal foldable thermobox for professional & use at home. Thanks to the folding technique it's space saving. Suitable for transporting e.g. pizzas, groceries and dishes. Max. loaded with 25 kg.