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Thermobox kunststof

Kunststof geisoleerde cateringboxen van o.a. Rieber, Avatherm & Cambro

Thermobox kunststof


  • Rieber thermoports

    All Rieber thermoport catering boxes are double layered foamed plastic, keep the products hours at the right temperature. These thermoports are the best-selling catering boxes in the Netherlands & Belgium.

  • Rieber spare parts

    Rieber spare parts for your thermoport! Hinge sets, guide strips, handles, closures or a heating elements. We have all common parts in stock for you!

  • Avatherm thermobox plastic

    Budget plastic thermoboxes in 2 models, colour: yellow.

  • Rieber accessories thermoports

    All Rieber products to optimally use your Rieber thermoport. Cooling plates, mobile rolliports, dividers and hot plates: Thermocateringbox has all the necessary Rieber accessories for you!

  • Dometic powered boxes

    Specifically designed to fit all kinds of vehicles, the CFX Series is a range of compact portable compressor fridges and/or freezers to keep food and drinks well chilled or even frozen while out on the road.

  • Cambro food storage boxes

    These food containers from Cambro are very suitable for the transport of hot or cold food. The food container is insulated with a durable foam. Equiped with front loader for easy access. The door is detachable and therefore easy to clean and equipped with a removable, air-tight seal. Material: Polypropylene.

  • SDX thermobox
  • Gamels / Food Containers

    Insulated food containers with carrying handle from, among others, Animo, Hendi etc. Suitable for transportation of e.g. potatoes, soups etc.

  • Temptainer

    Temptainer is the latest in food transportation trolleys. Its goals are unchanged; creating the best conditions to preserving all the values of good and delicious food, from the kitchen to the table. The primary focus is on low energy consumption and proper design for a perfect hygiene, where warm food is served warm and cold food is served cold.